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Daily Writing Prompt 261

The twins were polar opposites. Jason spewed chaos and controversy in his wake, bitterness and gore oozing from his pores. Jasmine carried light and love, her spirit healing and bringing peace to the land. It would take their combined strengths to defeat The Darkness.

Daily Writing Prompt 259

From her crib, Brooke discovered how to move objects from shelf to floor and back again. From her toddler bed, she learned to manipulate lights above her head, playing a miniature Quidditch match in the darkness. As a teenager, Brooke taught herself to speak with the dead.

Daily Writing Prompt 258

Liberty and America were the proud issues of two staunch conservatives who met during the Reagan administration. By 2012, the girls both disappointed their parents: Liberty declared herself a political atheist and American bombed the Republican National Convention.

Daily Writing Prompt 257

She needed a wisdom tooth to complete her collection. Her necklace consisted of thirty-one pearly whites and was the envy of the village. The jewelry pieces rattled together as she searched fields, every Sunday after the fighting, to find the perfect example.

Daily Writing Prompt 256

The seventh son of the seventh son, David commanded respect from birth. His prowess on the battlegrounds and his wisdom settling local disputes added to his power and his wealth. False humility was his only weakness and one his enemies used in their plans to destroy him.

Daily Writing Prompt 255

Following her was easy. Her bright red hair bundled on top of her head, the layers of jewelry on her wrists, and her walk--which would distract any living, breathing straight man--were unmistakable in the crowded city streets. He took three photos when she reached the building.

Daily Writing Prompt 251

She carried the book with her everywhere. It had been her grandfather's before her, and the faded ink gave her a link to the man she couldn't remember. His nearly illegible scribblings filled the pages. His words, as she deciphered them, proclaimed unmistakable doom.

Daily Writing Prompt 249

The microchip, implanted at the base of his ribcage, caused problems going through metal detectors. Jack was adept at laughing it off as an old war injury and being waved through. His natural charm kept the chip secret from enemies and its secrets safe.

Daily Writing Prompt 247

Girls who lived to the age of ten received crossbows and cyanide. Since forty percent of the warriors died prior to reaching their first decade, the government saved millions on these items alone. Any living to sixteen also obtained a sword and a license to kill.

Daily Writing Prompt 246

The gong announced His arrival. Students put down their pencils and lined the hallways, as they had trained. Since it was forbidden to look Him in the eyes, students bowed forward in reverence and fear--all except the tall girl at the end of the line.

Daily Writing Prompt 245

Amelia ate oatmeal every morning, every day of her life. She wore a white shirt, black skirt, and buckled boots without exception. She slicked her hair back from her face and bundled at the base of her head. Her occupation--demon slayer--offered more variety than her looks.

Daily Writing Prompt 243

The dogs from the next three blocks lined up in front of the Roger's place and howled. Their cries roused people from sleep, creating a parade of pajama-clad neighbors at the house as well. The Roger's house remained dark and the Roger family was absent from the crowd.

Daily Writing Prompt 242

His mission, sent down from headquarters, was clear and precise: Find Chase Manhattan and kill him. No data, no evidence, and no corpse were to be left behind. The fact Manhattan was untraceable on the network--or that he was a vampire--had any effect on his orders.