26 Writing Prompts: Grow

26 Writing Prompts: Grow


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Writing Prompts: Grow

”Give me a pile of chicken poo and I can make grass grow on a doorknob.” The man didn’t say “poo,” and you get the drift.

On a visit home to Oklahoma, I was awakened by the most pungent and horrid odor. I’ve never been so offended by a smell, before or since.

But there it was: The poo and me.

My mom and stepdad had a shady backyard. They spent hours of backbreaking labor, attempting every trick they knew, but nothing they tried—fertilizer, seed, water—could bring the lawn back to life.

Enter the chicken farmer and his truckload of manure.

It seems chickens are really good at a few things: eating, laying eggs, and pooing. Now, there is a vast market for those eggs, and the chickens themselves sell quite well, but piles of their refuse are not a hot ticket item. Folks in the know, however, especially in hen-havens like the southeast corner of the Sooner State, are well aware of the poo power and its ability to make things grow.

Or, in a tight squeeze, replace smelling salts.

Sure enough, a few weeks after the poo was applied, with great enthusiasm, to every square inch of the backyard—and no longer made my eyes water—blades of grass began peeking out of the ground. And in another fourteen days or so, the family’s backyard was full of a pretty lawn.

It was shocking to see the big pile of stinking mess grow into something healthy and appealing.

When I’m working, I sometimes feel like that too: What I’ve written looks like a pile of hot poo. I try to muscle through, but my efforts make things worse.

A fifteen-minute breather is often all I need to give inspiration the room to grow. I’ll come back to my computer with fresh eyes, renewed energy, or another idea. On other occasions, I’ll go for a long walk, take a bubble bath, fold some laundry—anything mindless and relaxing is the perfect fertilizer to my imagination. The days I’ve taken the time—allowed the gray cells to germinate—are the ones I’ve been the most gratified with my completed projects.

As an artistic person, knowing and accepting your needs—the things which feed your fire and make your creativity grow—are key to your success. What may begin as a struggle may end up being your masterpiece. Give yourself permission to revive your imagination with small breaks and the gift of time.

Oh poo!


    26 Writing Prompts: Grow

  • Grow in natural development (taller, larger, bigger, older)
  • Despite mismanagement and a nasty scandal, the company grew from the ashes of the old partnership.
  • Grow in influence or power
  • Thrown together by circumstance—a pesky nuclear holocaust will do that to people—and necessity, again, nukes and nasty, Holly and Barry grew close those three long months, stuck fourteen stories below the earth’s surface.
  • Grow up
  • Grow a crop, garden, or plant
  • It was a stupid dare. I was even more stupid to accept it, but hey, a few bottles of brew and a little trash from the guys. And it’s hair. My eyebrows will grow out again, someday.
  • Grow into clothes
  • Grow into a situation (job, college, relationship)
  • Holy crap, Rudy’s a grouch and a pessimist and an old fashioned bugger on top. But he grew on me. Somewhere along the way, I ended up liking, even respecting the guy.
  • Outgrow
  • Five years ago, Lizzy broke up with me because I needed to “grow up.” Today I cashed a royalty check for $136,000 and just popped open a bottle of champagne, the name of which I can’t even pronounce. And I’m toasting Lizzy, who is living in her old bedroom at home and working for shit at the drive-thru. Yep, Lizzy, I grew up just fine.
  • Grow up (arise from something)
  • He blushed a little as he said it, his body on cue, “Yes, Katie, my last novel grew from the midst of my agony and despair—without either of which, my writing would not have been so vast.” I almost puked in my mouth.
  • Grow apart
  • Growing season
  • Growth chart
  • ”Absence makes the heart grow fonder, my ass.” John tore up the note and let it scatter to the floor. He and the paper remained the only occupants of his once homey living room.
  • Miracle-Gro
  • Why do I want to pursue my degree? To grow, in experience, in intellect, and get a big fat paycheck.
  • Grow as in seek religious enlightenment
  • Grow ideas or imagination
  • ”I have to say, Stewart, you’re playing has improved beyond measure.” She patted his head and smiled for the first time in their acquaintance. “Your skill has grown in ways I did not imagine.”
  • Dad always said “money doesn’t grow on trees.” Then I realized money is printed on paper. Paper comes from trees. So maybe in a funny way, money does come from trees. And if that’s true, if I have a fist full of dollars, does that make me a tree hugger?
  • Grow muscles
  • Growing like a weed
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