Story Starters: Your Home

Story Starters: Your Home

Story Starters: Your Home
Story Starters: Your Home

This week's Story Starters: Your Home

What word best describes your home (cozy, spacious, warm)?

Why did you pick this house?

What do you like about it?

What changes have you made since you moved in?

How did you decide who got which bedroom, office, etc.?

What room does the family gravitate towards? Why?

Where do you spend most of your time?

Where in the home do you go to relax? Play games? Watch movies?

What plans do you have for further improvements to your homes?

What quirks about the home have your grown to love (squeaky stairs, have to prop up window, back door blows closed)?

What special events or memories have happened in the home?

What special touches have you made to take it from a house to a home?

Where do you display the family photos?

How do you show off the kid’s artwork or report cards?

What spot in the house is designated for the Christmas tree, Menorah, or other holiday decor?

How do you share your home with family and friends?

What is the story behind finding and purchasing your home?

What changes has your family gone through since moving into the home (more kids, different jobs, lifestyle change)?

What feelings do you have when coming back home after work? After a trip?

If you were to spend a day home with your family, what would you do?

What decorating style do you have and how is that shown in your home?

What comments do your family and friends have about your home?

When it is time to renovate or repair your home, how is this done (hire out, do-it-yourself, family and friends pitch in)?

How long have you lived in your home and how long do you plan on living there?

What is your favorite part about your home?

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