Story Starters: Television

Story Starters: Television

Story Starters: Television
Story Starters: Television

This Week’s Story Starters: Television

What is the first television show you remember watching?

What show would you watch after school?

What cartoons would you watch on the weekends?

What theme songs would you sing? What ones can you still sing today?

What is your favorite television show of all time?

What show do you watch religiously and plan your schedule around?

Where do you gather to watch television?

What changes has technology made to your television viewing (hulu, tivo, youtube)?

Who do you watch certain shows with?

How have certain shows changed your life (named a child after a character; changed lifestyle based on television advice; set new goals)?

What is your current favorite show?

Who is your favorite actor/actress?

How do you keep track of your show if you miss an episode?

What show have you followed the longest? What do you love about the show?

What character do you have a crush on?

What show did you begin watching because your parent/friend/child does?

What type of shows do you enjoy watching?

How much time do you spend watching television each day? Each week?

How does television viewing fit into your life?

How does the television rating system effect your family’s rules about what shows may be watched by your children?

What shows do you enjoy watching as a family?

What shows are your children not allowed to watch?

If there is a conflict over shows, how do you decide what to watch?

Who is the master of the remote control in your house?

How do you discuss controversial subjects or breaking news that may be upsetting to the younger members of your family?

What current events do you have your children view on television? How do you handle the topics on the show?

What show is guaranteed to make you laugh or bring a smile to your face?

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