Story Starters: Talents

Story Starters: Talents

Story Starters: Talents
Story Starters: Talents

This week's Story Starters: Talents

What are you famous for amongst your family and friends?

What are your strengths at work?

What do you contribute to your relationship?

What do you do for your family?

What are your strongest personality traits?

What accomplishments do you like to list on your resume?

What talents do you keep hidden from the world?

What talents do you share at parties?

What did you perform as a child during talent shows and recitals?

What skills have you honed over the years?

What prizes or awards have you won for your talents or abilities?

What skills do you share with others (as a teacher, trainer, mentor, or coach)?

What natural-born talents do you have? What gifts do you want to continue to hone?

What embodiment of your talents do you display in your home or give as gifts?

What is the one skill you possess that you are happiest about?

How do you share your talents with the world?

How do you pass down your abilities to the next generation?

How do you encourage the talents in your spouse or children?

How does your family or friends encourage your natural talents?

To date, what is the happiest moment with your talent?

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