Story Starters: Pets

Story Starters: Pets

Story Starters: Pets
Story Starters: Pets

This Week’s Story Starters: Pets

Where did you get your pet from?

What is your pet’s name?

What kind of animal is it?

What does your pet do that is adorable?

What does your pet do to make you laugh?

How is your pet included in your family activities?

Where do you take your pet?

What quirks does your pet have?

Who came up with your pet’s name?

What other kind of pets do you want to have?

What was your first pet?

What type of chores did you have for your pet? What chores do your children have for their pets?

What happens to your pet when you travel?

What is your favorite quality about your pet?

What changes did your family have to make because of your pet?

What silly things have you done with your pet (dressed them in costume; trained them to say “I love you”)?

What tricks can your pet do?

How has your family been enhanced with your pet?

How does your pet show that he loves you?

Where does your pet like to sleep or hide ?

How many pets do you have ?

What is the most important part about having a pet?

What kind of competitions or shows have you entered your pet in?

How have you documented your pet’s life?

How do your children interact with your pet?

What types of pets did you have growing up?

What is your favorite activity with your pet?

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