Story Starters: Numbers

Story Starters: Numbers

Story Starters: Numbers
Story Starters: Numbers

This Week’s Story Starters: Numbers

What were your birth statistics (i.e. weight, height, length, time)?

How many of the United States can you name—without looking at a map?

How many students were in your high school graduating class?

What items are currently in your purse? Count and inventory them.

What blogs or websites are your top twenty favorites? How many do you visit every day?

What amount of time do you spend each day reading? Watching some type of video? Listening to music?

How many steps are there from your bed to your office? And how many steps from your bed to your computer?

Using a=1, b=2, c=3, and so on; make a math equation out of your name plus your significant others. Add up the value of the letters in your name added to the letters in their name to find out the amount that equals true love.

What is your house number?

How many people in your immediate family? How many people in your extended family? How many people in your spouse’s family?

Dig in your living room furniture. How much money or other fun treats did you find there?

Without the help of resource materials or the internet: Who has served as President of the United States? How many did you name?

How many stars do you see in tonight’s sky?

What is your IP address?

What is your favorite number? Why?

What is the jersey number of your favorite sports figure?

How many people did you say “hi” to today?

How long can you hold your breath?

What languages, other than English, can you count in? How high can you count in that language?

How many DVDs, CDs, or books do you own?

What are the prime numbers?

In the past week, how many times did you say thank you?

If you were David Letterman, what would your Top Ten List be?

What is your chronological age? How old do you feel? What is your Wii Fit age? What is your age in dog years?

How many photos do you take each day and each week? How many photos or layouts do you have posted in galleries or on Flickr?

If you were stranded on a desert island with three friends, two snacks, and one wireless device, who and what would you take with you?

What are your top ten blessings?


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