Story Starters: Music

Story Starters: Music

Story Starters: Music
Story Starters: Music

This Week’s Story Starters: Music

What genre of music do you prefer?

What applications or devices do you use to access your song choices i.e. iTunes, Pandora, Sirius, CDs, FM radio, etc.?

Who is your favorite recording artist or group?

What concerts have you attended?

What musical instruments do you play?

What musical clubs, groups, or classes have you participated in over the years?

Where do you go to listen to your favorite music?

When you are in the car, who picks the music?

What songs, albums, or musicals have inspired you?

How often do you attend live music concerts, shows, or musical productions?

What musical would you like to see on Broadway?

When you hear certain songs, of whom do you think?

What music do you listen to while you exercise, work, or relax?

What music do you associate with certain moments in your life (i.e. Journey reminds you of your Senior Prom; Loverboy makes you think of your high school ski trip; Bruce Springsteen brings back your college days)?

What songs were part of your wedding? What song was your first dance?

What is “your song” for you and your spouse/partner?

What songs do/did you sing to your baby or children?

What songs do/did you sing with your children/grandchildren?

How often do you spontaneously break into song? What do you sing?

How often do you wish your children didn’t sing a certain song? How do you stop them?

What song or singer will bring you to tears?

What is your favorite album or performance of all time?

If you could be any musical performer, musician, or composer, who would you be and why?

Whose music always brings a smile?

What music has the most meaning to your family (i.e. always listen to Bing Crosby while putting up the Christmas tree; Johnny Cash’s albums remind you of your grandmother)?

What music do you have on your iTunes/iPhone?

What artist’s or group’s music do you collect?

What was the first piece of music you ever purchased with your money?

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