Story Starters: Making Wishes

Story Starters: Making Wishes

Story Starters: Making Wishes
Story Starters: Making Wishes

This Week’s Story Starters: Making Wishes

What is the earliest wish you remember making? Did it come true?

What is the story behind your first wish (i.e. blowing out candles on fifth birthday cake)?

What is your favorite “wish” song?

What is your favorite “wish” story?

What traditions does your family have about wishes? What are the rules for playing (i.e. wishbone from the turkey; Christmas crackers; etc.)?

What wishes have you made on falling stars?

Where have you travelled to make a wish (i.e. Kissing the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle in Ireland)?

Where is the best place to watch for falling stars?

Who was your “wish” partner when you were a kid?

How many four-leaf clovers have you found? What did you do with them?

What rules does your family have for making a wish while throwing coins in a fountain?

Who have you made a wish for or about?

How do you wish friends a happy birthday or good luck (i.e. phone call; on Facebook; send a card)?

What is the best wish story you have ever heard?

What wish rhymes do you know (i.e. starlight, starbright…; find a penny, pick it up…; etc.)?

What wishes do your kids make? How do you help make them come true?

What Make-a-Wish Foundation or other similar charities have you participated in?

What impact did those charities have on your life?

When you were a child, how did you get your wish list into Santa (i.e. mailed a letter; told him during store visit; report at school)?

How have your wishes changed over time?

How do your children or friend’s children deliver their wish lists to Santa?

What are all the ways you have made wishes (i.e. wish jar; when you lose an eyelash; in your diary)?

What wishes are you glad did not come true?

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

Who would you give three wishes to? Why do they deserve wishes?

How does making wishes enrich your life? Does it matter if they come true?

What is the best wish you ever made?

What wish would you make right now?


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