Story Starters: Imaginary Characters

Story Starters: Imaginary Characters

Story Starters: Imaginary Characters
Story Starters: Imaginary Characters

This Week’s Story Starters: Imaginary Characters

Who is your favorite superhero? What do you like about them?

What personality traits of your favorite superhero did you imitate as a child?

What comic book characters do you follow?

What cartoons did you watch growing up? Who was your favorite character?

What holiday character was your favorite? Why did you like that one the best?

At what age did you realize these characters were not real? How did you come to this realization?

Where did you play “cops & robbers”? Who were your playmates? Which role did you enjoy playing?

Where did you put on plays or puppet shows? Who was your audience? Where did the ideas or stories come from?

Who was your imaginary friend? What adventures did you have? How did your family react to their existence?

How did you include your love for characters in your life (i.e. wore t-shirts; posters on your wall; had to have the lunch box)?

What memories do you have of visiting Santa or the Easter Bunny?

Who encouraged or participated in your imaginative play and how did that encouragement make an impact on your life?

How did you dress up or take on the roles of your favorite characters?

What stories or songs did you learn about imaginary characters that you share with your children?

What traditions surrounding imaginary characters did your family have (i.e. leaving cookies out for Santa; putting out carrots for the reindeer; finding a glitter path left by the Tooth Fairy)?

What imaginary characters did you dream about being (i.e. Cinderella)?

What special events or travels have you taken to see a favorite character (i.e. going to Disney World)?

How do you explain about imaginary characters to your children?

How do you include your child’s fascination with a character into their life?

How many imaginary characters can you name?

What imaginary characters do you play as an adult (i.e. dress up for football games; assume an alternate persona for a video game; play Santa for children’s parties)?

What characteristics do you pick for your online avatars or Mii?

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Who reminds you the most of an imaginary character? Which character do they remind you of and why?

What imaginary characters have you dressed up for at Halloween or for parties?

In what ways do you play Fairy Godmother for someone in your life? How has that affected your life and theirs?


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