Story Starters: Hidden Treasures

Story Starters: Hidden Treasures

Story Starters: Hidden Treasures
Story Starters: Hidden Treasures

This Week’s Story Starters: Hidden Treasures

What tokens do you keep from outings and events (i.e. playbill; corsage; lift tickets)?

What do you use for your treasure chest?

What kind of things do you keep for sentimental value only?

What treasures did you horde as a kid? Where did you keep them?

What things count as treasures (i.e. heart shaped rocks; three leaf clovers; decorations from a baby shower cake)?

What treasures have you found by taking a different path (i.e. new restaurant; dream home; gorgeous view)?

Where do you go treasure hunting and who do you take with you?

Where have you found your best bounty?

Who is the best treasure hunter you know? What qualifies them to win?

How do you find the best places to shop for treasures? What shops, flea markets, or sources do you visit again and again?

What prize have you found while scouring garage sales?

What treasures have you found hidden inside your lunchbox or box of candy?

Who makes up the best clues and adventure games?

How do you include treasure hunts on your travels?

What scavenger hunts or progressive games have you played?

What have you found simply by being in the right place at the right time?

What is the best treasure you’ve found while walking around your town (i.e. viewing a garden from a different angle; seeing the sunset from the local pier; photographing graffiti)?

How have you memorialized the treasured stories of your ancestors?

Who is the living treasure of your family? What makes them so special to you?

How have you shared your treasures with others?

What hidden treasures have you uncovered in your friend or your child?

What adventures have you taken to look for treasures (i.e. geocaching; researching for a historical novel; looking for sunken ships)?

If you had a compass, a treasure map, and a shovel, who would you take with you to look for the buried treasure?

Who do you admire for their knowledge and experience? How could you learn from their treasure trove of skills?

How can you look for hidden treasures in your everyday life?

What hidden treasures do you have to offer?

What is your greatest treasure?


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