Story Starters: Evenings at Home

Story Starters: Evenings at Home

Story Starters: Evenings at Home
Story Starters: Evenings at Home

This Week’s Story Starters: Evenings at Home

How do your evenings begin at home (i.e. come home from work; pick up kids from daycare; pizza delivered after softball practice)?

What things do you to prepare for dinner?

How do you spend quality time together after work or school?

What goals have to be accomplished in the evening (i.e. homework, chores, cleaning)?

What fun activities or hobbies do you partake in at night?

What bedtime rituals do you have with your children (i.e. bubble bath; bedtime story; thirty minutes of playtime)?

Where do you go for a quick dinner on a school night?

Where do you go to run errands on a school night?

What amount of time do you spend on work, play, or chores each night?

How do the kids earn television or video game time?

What rules do you have about bedtime or light’s out?

Who plans and prepares the evening meals?

Where do you eat dinner and what do you talk about during the meal?

How often do you break away from your evening rituals and try something new?

What changes happen to your routine during summer or winter break?

When and where do the kids do homework?

What schedule changes are made due to college courses, team practices, or other lessons?

How do you balance time as a parent and time as an adult?

How do you relax every evening?

What is your number one rule every night?

What changes do you make if a birthday or anniversary falls during the week?

If visitors come to stay, what changes do you make to your evening routine?

Who is in charge of getting everything ready for the next day?

What is your bedtime routine?

What would you do with thirty extra minutes at night?


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