Story Starters: Celebrations

Story Starters: Celebrations

Story Starters: Celebrations
Story Starters: Celebrations

This Week’s Story Starters: Celebrations

What holidays and special events do you celebrate with your family?

What holidays and special events did you celebrate as a child? How have they changed in adulthood?

What celebrations did you inherit from your spouse or significant other’s family?

What traditions do you include in these celebrations?

What new traditions has your immediate family started or adapted for specific holidays?

What specific practice or ritual does your family do to mark the inclusion of additional members (new stocking; name added to family tree; birthday added to official family calendar)

Where do you go for specific holidays or celebrations?

Where do you stay during specific holidays or celebrations i.e. favorite B&B for anniversary; in-laws for Thanksgiving; rent campground space?

Who in your extended family acts as the event planner and coordinates everything?

How does your family keep track of birthdays or family plans (blog, newsletter, calendar)?

What type of foods are created especially for each event?

Who is famous amongst your relatives for their yummy recipe, their great decorating, or their pretty family snapshots?

How does your family exchange gifts? Do you buy for everyone or draw names? Is there a white elephant or dirty Santa game?

What one thing do you always include in your celebrations (singing, silly portraits, buffet dinner)?

What do you do differently if your family cannot attend the larger family event?

What would you miss if you didn’t do on a specific holiday?

What is your favorite celebration to date?

How does your family commemorate the events of the past (scrapbooks, home movies, online gallery)?

How has technology changed some of your family holiday traditions?

How do you keep in touch with long-distance family and friends during holidays?

What new traditions have you begun incorporating into your celebrations as the children, nephews, and nieces get older i.e. volunteer at a food bank; take a family ski trip; have a cookie baking party?

What changes in your holiday celebrations have been made due to births/deaths, job transfers/promotions, marriages/divorces, and geographic limitations?

If you could add one new custom to your events, what would it be?

Who all participates in your celebrations and what roles do they play?

Which holiday is the most important in your family? What do you do to reinforce the importance and celebrate that fact?

What do you enjoy most about your family events?

What special plans do you have for future holidays or celebrations?

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