Story Starters: Air

Story Starters: Air

Story Starters: Air
Story Starters: Air

This Week’s Story Starters: Air

What is your earliest memory of being airborne (i.e. Dad throwing you in the air; playing airplane; actually riding a plane)?

What types of flying objects have you owned (i.e. rocket, kite, radio controlled helicopter)?

In what ways does air affect your outside décor (i.e. flag waving; wind chimes; wind sock)?

What ways do you like to “catch air” (i.e. jump skateboarding; fly over ridges while skiing; wind boarding)?

As a child, how did you let the air run past you for an adrenaline rush (i.e. leaning back on a swing; sticking head out the car window; taking feet off pedals and hands of handlebars of your bike)?

What ways did watching air fascinate you as a child (i.e. blowing on dandelions; watching clouds float by; sending a parachute toy into the air)?

Where is your favorite place to get a burst of fresh air?

Where do you go to experience the smell of the air or feel mist falling on you?

Who is the “wind beneath your wings”?

How do you use air at playtime (i.e. blowing kisses; making pinwheels; blowing bubbles)?

What is your favorite technique for making a paper airplane?

Who is your kite flying buddy?

How do you harness the air for industry (i.e. windmill to generate electricity; the wind to power a sailboat; buying a more aerodynamic bike)?

In what ways has the power of air impacted your life?

What is your favorite book or movie that includes an air element in it (i.e. Walt Disney’s Pocahontas where her hair moved elegantly around her)?

What is your favorite song with “air” or an “air” inspired word in the title?

What does “fresh air” mean to you?

How do you describe “air to your children?

How much time have you spent airborne?

How do you imagine “flight” changing in the future?

What is your favorite thing about being off the ground?

If you could be any imaginary character capable of flying, who would you be and why?

With whom do you share your “fresh air” moments?

If you could have fifteen minutes of airtime on CNN (or any channel you choose) to say anything you want, what would you say?

What techniques do you have for capturing the magic of air in your photography or artwork?.

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