Read and Recommended: Joyland

Read and Recommended: Joyland

Stephen King, Joyland

Joyland by Stephen King

At the crossroads between heartbreak and adulthood, Devin Jones learns lessons of a lifetime, one season long ago, amongst carnies, mayhem, and the pull of a dying boy.

All I can say is what you already know: some days are treasures. Not many, but I think in almost every life there are a few. That was one of mine, and when I'm blue․‥I go back to it, if only to remind myself that life isn't always a butcher's game. Sometimes the prizes are real. Sometimes they're precious.Stephen King, Joyland

Why I recommend this book

Short as a spring break and filled with as much drama and intrigue as a co-ed's road trip to Daytona Beach.

It's hard to let go. Even when what you're holding onto is full of thorns, it's hard to let go. Maybe especially then.Stephen King, Joyland

Writing ideas inspired by this book

  • First person narrative—with breaks rather than chapters—gives reader feeling of intimatacy, like reading a private diary.
  • Scary and heart-tugging make an odd, and in this case, successful cohabitation.
  • Practice does make perfect. Mr. King gets better every time.

    The first time was embarrassing. The second time was good. The third․‥man, the third time was the charm.Stephen King, Joyland


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