Read and Recommended: A Patchwork Planet

Read and Recommended: A Patchwork Planet

Anne Tyler, A Patchwork Planet

A Patchwork Planet by Anne Tyler

Barnaby Gaitlin lives his life on his own terms--much to the disappointment of his parents, ex-wife, and even his nine-year-old daughter. Shunning the family foundation for hourly work as a handyman at Rent-a-Back ("We're just the muscles, not the brains"), Barnaby settles into just getting by until a chance meeting changes his perspective and leads him to strive for a bit more.

My favorite moment of the day comes before the sun is up, but conditions have to be right for it. I have to be awake then, for one thing. And the weather has to be clear, and the lights lit in my room, and the sky still dark. Then I switch the lights off. If I'm lucky, the sky will suddenly change to something else--a deep, transparent blue. There's almost a sound to it, a quiet sound like loom! as the blue swings into focus.Anne Tyler, A Patchwork Planet

Why I recommend this book

As an odd duck myself, I loved the quirky characters and personalities parading throughout the pages of A Patchwork Planet. I fell into the story and lost track of myself in the exploits of Barnaby & Co.


Writing ideas inspired by this book

  • Showing how an ordinary, everyday person has an extraordinary impact on others' lives.
  • Highlighting the distinct personalities, needs, and lifestyles of seniors.  

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