It’s an Adventure

It’s an Adventure


Growing up in the 1970’s—the days of Brady Bunch and sadly, disco—we would often hear the U.S. Navy’s tagline “It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure.” Little did I know then, how much that motto would reflect my future adult life.

Fast forward to 1991—the days of Seinfeld and happily, the beginning of alternative rock—our youngest daughter turned one and my husband joined the Navy. Until that moment, my experience with the military was seeing the boys across the street play “Army” in their camouflage outfits and watching the TV show M*A*S*H; neither of which was an accurate account of what we would experience.

We quickly learned our military ID card was our life: access to the world of commissaries and exchanges, MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) facilities and permission to enter a base. Our exploits included packing up our household into a weighed shipment and moving, often thousands of miles, to areas where we were unfamiliar or had no idea what to expect. And we found that if we were willing, often these temporary residences gave us an opportunity to experience new and wondrous things in fun and fascinating places.

In the past two decades, we have climbed a mountain in a rain forest, dined at the top of the Eiffel Tower, toured centuries old bodegas with endless rows of wooden casks, shopped for pottery in Portugal, explored missions and cathedrals, cavorted in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, watched a bull fight, eaten fresh and tasty treats in exotic lands, and walked the cobble stone streets where Kings were crowned and ultimately beheaded. Of course, if we had stayed in our native Oklahoma, we certainly would have had a lovely life there, but because of my husband’s career, and the transfers necessary for it, we have been exposed to cultures and experiences which have enriched and enhanced our days.

We have documented our blessed life photographing us swimming with dolphins, feeding Barbary apes in Gibraltar, and parasailing in the Hawaiian Islands. Our family enjoyed a memorable Spring Break vacation in Paris and day trips to San Francisco. Our scrapbooks include pages of New England foliage, Oahu rains, and Puerto Rican coqui frogs. And often, these pictures feature our extended family, which has followed us along the way—precious times, each and every one.

Finding myself in 2010—the days of reality television and luckily, high speed internet—my small little life has expanded to horizons I never dreamed of, and now it would be hard to imagine the memories without our travels.

Nearly twenty years ago, the Navy gave my husband a job, and our family has welcomed the many adventures. I am excited to see where we’ll go and what we’ll do next.


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ashley from sausalito side

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michael shooting alcatraz


more than luck, it has been a real blessing for our family to see amazing places as we move from base to base and around this big blue planet we call home. for years, we have enjoyed the tastes and colors, and sights and sounds that make each area fun & unique.

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