Glenfinnan, Scotland photograph (c)Marnie Adams Running a website is more than posting clever words and a pretty picture.

There’s SEO and opt-ins and keywords. Besides solving a problem, your blog needs to be Google-licious and to be monetized and to engage the reader. Then there’s social media and newsletters and bounce rate.




It took a village to run our site, Happy To Create: In addition to the many talents of our design team, Valerie served as Creative Director and Artist Extraordinaire, Brandie handled Customer Service (and teamed up with Jan for Social Media), Leslie was the Project Ninja, and Theresa handled Store Management. Yet in the background, millions of details needed to be attended by someone.

Turns out that someone was me.

I bought the WordPress for Dummies book, signed up for CopyBlogger, and dived into a never-ending slew of updates and deadlines and fixes.




My time was devoted to upgrades and changes and improvements to make life easier for our visitors and our team. Researching keywords and domain names and post titles.

Moving this here.

Linking that there.

And oh, here’s another upgrade.

I’m exhausted thinking about it!

Don’t get me wrong: I enjoyed learning and testing and implementing ideas. But all the have-tos took over for the would-love-tos. And some awesome inspirations never saw the light of day.

I poured all my energy—creative, emotional, and intellectual—into my job. Which in the end resembled a whole lotta w-o-r-k.

So now in the Land of Marnie, I find myself avoiding everything I’ve learned.

I’m ignoring the elements required for website success, the internet experts be damned; a rebellion to every moment spent following the blogger rules.

I’m ready to write and reflect and imagine, even if only one person ever reads it.

And it turns out that someone is me.

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