A Million Words

A Million Words


“A picture’s worth a thousand words.” I’ve certainly heard that before, and when I first began digital scrapbooking I took that phrase to heart. Most of my layouts featured images with little text beyond the title and the date.

But, I began to notice, that taken out of context, those pictures could mean different things to different people. Take the photos of my daughters for instance. At first glance, you might be able to guess that they are sisters or related somehow just by the way they interact—you can almost see the history between them. You might be able to tell that it’s a beautiful day out, but might not guess the heavily wooded area sits just beyond our house in Hawaii.

And that is just the beginning of the story.

There is no way you would know, without those precious words, that these photos were taken the day before Ashley and I left for the mainland so she could start her first year at college – a truly life altering moment for our family.

You can’t see in the images all the places we have lived following my husband’s career in the Navy. You don’t know about everything we’ve shared in our tight little group, all the times we’ve laughed and fought, all the happiness and certainly not the tears.

It is not obvious that more than half the time over the past dozen years or so, it’s just been just us three girls, making our way through the trials and tribulations of our lives as Michael has been required elsewhere for his duties. You can’t know how close that has made us, how bonded we are, how affected we are by the others’ troubles and triumphs. Not unless I tell you.

Without the words, it would be our little secret that just after I took these photos, Michael ran outside to “help” and ended up wrestling the girls to the ground with the lot of them laughing like loons. The faces in the photos look too innocent for that.

The photos I took are a wonderful way to visualize the story, but they don’t carry the heart of it—the journaling does.

So if it is true, a picture really is worth a thousand words, then a scrapbook layout—lovingly crafted, decorated with embellishments and thoughtfully written journaling—must be worth a million.



ashley and alyssa
12 august 2oo6


knowing she would leave home for college in Oklahoma the next morning made Ashley's last day in hawaii somewhat bittersweet.

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