37 Things to Blog About Today

37 Things to Blog About Today


37 Things to Blog About TodayReady to give your blog posts a boost? Looking for fresh ideas? Check out these writing prompts to get the creative juices flowing. Use the prompts as inspiration, then use the sample blog post titles as is, revise them, or adapt them to your particular style.

Let the blogging begin!


1. About you, quirky style

  • 11 Things I Love About Me
  • Why I Left Home to Join the Circus  

    2. Something super awesome

  • 7 Cutest Cat Videos OF ALL TIME
  • Writing's Best and the Brightest: 5 Authors to Watch  

    3. Invent a controversy

  • Dark Chocolate vs. Bacon – The National Debate Continues
  • Why Dogs Drool and Cats Rule Everytime  

    4. If/When you are reincarnated, you will come back as…

  • Why I will be an Intergalactic Explorer in my Next Life  

    5. If you were a superhero

  • i.e. my superhero name is _____
  • i.e. my super powers are _____
  • i.e. my costume looks like ______
  • i.e. my arch nemesis is ______  

    6. Something that irritates you

  • 6 Reasons I Hate Using the Library
  • My Lifetime Ban on All Things Pink and Fuzzy  

    7. If you were stranded on a deserted island

  • i.e. who would you want to be stranded with?
  • i.e. what would you do?
  • i.e. would it be Gilligan’s Island style or more like Lost?  

    8. Your plans if certain things come true

  • What I will do with My Lottery Winnings
  • How I will be a Better Grandparent than Parent  

    9. Ponder life’s great questions

  • What do Super Heroes Do When They Retire?
  • Is Sitting Really Bad for Me?  

    10. The craziest thing you’ve ever done

  • The Day I Drove through Our Garage Doors
  • I Don’t Even Know My Last Name  

    11. Your best friend from childhood

  • Cosmo, My Imaginary Friend, a Real Virtual Pal
  • Sisco, the Best Furry Friend Ever  

    12. Top 10 (23, 479) things you’ve ever read, seen, eaten, done


    13. Pinky swears you have broken

  • Why I Promised Never to Get Married (When I was 10)  

    14. Lessons learned

  • Three Things I’ve Learned from my dog
  • First Five Steps to Learning Polka  

    15. Your goals and plans

  • 100 Years in the Future, Here’s What I Want My Obituary to Say
  • 2014: What I will Accomplish  

    16. Something you’ve never told anyone

  • What Happens in Vegas (Ft. Lauderdale, Topeka)
  • Where Daddy Buried the Gold  

    17. Your greatest fear


    18. Silly stuff

  • 100 Things Guaranteed to Make Me Laugh
  • Fried Twinkies and Garlic Ice Cream: The Taste Test  

    19. Ways you could improve

  • Three Little Things I could do to Change the World
  • My Promise to Give Up Sugar and Why  

    20. What you want your kids to know


    21. What you are proud of

  • My Book was selected for Amazon Singles
  • 8 Things I’ve done Right This Year So Far  

    22. Something you believe in

  • Why I Believe in Ghosts, ETs, and the Tooth Fairy
  • 5 Reasons I Donate to the ASPCA  

    23. Your bucket list—including the ones you have crossed off


    24. Advice to the younger you

  • 9 Things I would tell Myself at 18  

    25. What’s important to you

  • Why No Day is Complete without Exercise, Reading, and My Magic Eight Ball
  • 5 Ways to Add Movement to Your Day  

    26. The side of you people don’t usually see

  • Yes, I was a Teenage Werewolf
  • What I do After Dark  

    27. Things you think should be illegal

  • Why Disembodied Baby’s Heads should be banned in the US  

    28. The best advice you’ve ever been given


    29. Share what you know

  • My Favorite FREE Family Outings
  • 18 Ways to Fry Green Tomatoes  

    30. Your obsessions

  • 13 Unexpected Things in my Soap Sculpture Collection
  • Why Sheldon Cooper is the Sexiest TV Character Ever  

    31. What you never leave home without

  • Why My Smartphone is More Important than Car Keys
  • Guide to Dressing in Northern England  

    32. What you are passionate about

  • Why I Count My Blessings Every Single Day
  • Meditation has changed my Life  

    33. The best $10, $25, or $100 you’ve ever spent

  • Why my Nimbus 2000 is Worth Every Penny  

    34. About you, warts and all

  • I’m Embarrassed to Admit, But I Like _____  

    35. Share your resources

  • 5 Websites I Visit Every Week and Why
  • The Best Editor Ever  

    36. Laugh at your life

  • The Bad Country Song that could have been written about me
  • My Hair Circa 1985  

    37. Things that make you smile

  • Babe, Toy Story, and Up: Movies I watch Again and Again
  • My Birthday Candle Wishes and How They Came True


  • From Non-Runner to Marathoner: 7 Life Lessons I Learned Along the Way

    From Non-Runner to Marathoner: 7 Life Lessons I Learned Along the Way

    Story Starters Coming Soon!

    Story Starters Coming Soon!