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Photo courtesy of Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Imaginary Words is your resource for daily writing prompts and creative writing ideas.

Providing support, information, and inspiration for creative writers, students, teachers, and bloggers, Imaginary Words is designed for writers by a fellow writer with a keen understanding of the needs, insecurities, and dreams of those born to write.


the big why

I get it.

Writing is hard work.

Beyond slapping words together on a page, writing involves the passion and drive to write. The need to create. The joy of the flow; the agony when it's not.

If we are lucky, on occasion, writing is downright fun. You know what I'm talking about: those days when you can't wait to hit the keyboard and see what trouble your characters will get themselves into. Or what heroic deeds—or dastardly ones—happen along to twist things into a whole new, interesting direction.

The sad fact is sometimes writers get stuck—whether it be writer's block or inertia or fear or no clue where to start. All forms of non-writing are downright torture.

I can help.

I have ideas—lots and lots of them—and just enough cheerleader in me to get you writing again. I provide the support, you throw in the sweat equity, and together, we'll score one for the scribes.


about me

Hi! I'm Marnie Lyn Adams, a native Oklahoman living in urban Maryland. Our daughters are grown; now I ride herd on the furry family: our border collie, Oakley, and our pastel calico, Kona—who is the boss of us all.

In the most recent past, I served as Newsletter Editor, Website Admin, and Blog Coordinator at Happy To Create (now, sadly, closed). Previous to HTC, I developed and wrote ebooks and designed digital scrapbooking products for Scrap Girls.

In addition to writing and running Imaginary Words, I am working towards my Bachelor's in Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction.

A certified word nerd, I love writing and reading and sharing ideas. When I'm not at the computer, I enjoy photography, quilting, puzzles, and movie marathons.

Curious about my kooky side? Read 11 Things I Love About Me.

Have questions or want to get in touch? Contact me.


about that star

There's a star in the Imaginary Words logo. You, amongst others, are wondering why.

It's all her fault. Mary Chapin Carpenter's fault, that is.

She wrote the song Ideas are Like Stars, just for me, I'm certain.

...ideas are like stars / They fall from the sky, they run round your head / They litter your sleep as they beckon...
Mary Chapin Carpenter


Her words describe how I feel about ideas: they are everywhere, they are innumerable, they are magical.

As an unrepentant night person, I've always had a fondness for stars. On a clear night—as with creative writing ideas—the more you look, the more you see.

Stars and ideas are endless.


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