Daily Writing Prompt 249

The microchip, implanted at the base of his ribcage, caused problems going through metal detectors. Jack was adept at laughing it off as an old war injury and being waved through. His natural charm kept the chip secret from enemies and its secrets safe.

Daily Writing Prompt 247

Girls who lived to the age of ten received crossbows and cyanide. Since forty percent of the warriors died prior to reaching their first decade, the government saved millions on these items alone. Any living to sixteen also obtained a sword and a license to kill.

Daily Writing Prompt 246

The gong announced His arrival. Students put down their pencils and lined the hallways, as they had trained. Since it was forbidden to look Him in the eyes, students bowed forward in reverence and fear--all except the tall girl at the end of the line.

Daily Writing Prompt 245

Amelia ate oatmeal every morning, every day of her life. She wore a white shirt, black skirt, and buckled boots without exception. She slicked her hair back from her face and bundled at the base of her head. Her occupation--demon slayer--offered more variety than her looks.

Daily Writing Prompt 243

The dogs from the next three blocks lined up in front of the Roger's place and howled. Their cries roused people from sleep, creating a parade of pajama-clad neighbors at the house as well. The Roger's house remained dark and the Roger family was absent from the crowd.

Daily Writing Prompt 242

His mission, sent down from headquarters, was clear and precise: Find Chase Manhattan and kill him. No data, no evidence, and no corpse were to be left behind. The fact Manhattan was untraceable on the network--or that he was a vampire--had any effect on his orders.

Daily Writing Prompt 241

The hunt took place on the final Friday of the year. Participants arrived before dawn at Johnson's forty-acre farm. Dogs whined and sniffed the air. Rifles lay broken across the hunters' arms. At daybreak, the prey was released--fourteen teenage girls--and the dogs gave chase.

Daily Writing Prompt 240

The scrapbook held tokens from her youth--a state fair ribbon, school certificates, grade school valentines. Yolanda flipped through, reliving events she hadn't thought about in years. In the back, behind an old birthday card, was a photo of her with a man that wasn't her father.

Daily Writing Prompt 238

This wasn't his first war. He'd been boots-on-ground in the Kuwaiti conflict, then Kosovo, and Egypt following. He had more miles in Afghanistan than entire Marine platoons--and the Pulitzer to prove it. But this time, this time, it was so much worse.

Daily Writing Prompt 236

Except for a bottle of drain cleaner and a shower cap, the shelves of the convenience store were empty. The power went out soon after the storm struck, leaving citizens cold and hungry and desperate. The contents of the tiny store weren't its only victims.

Daily Writing Prompt 235

Smoke oozed from the car parked at the end of the culdesac. The builder was bankrupt and the neighborhood incomplete--making it the perfect hangout for bored teenagers and occasional druggies. Thirty minutes after the smoke started, the car burst into flames.

Daily Writing Prompt 233

She woke up but couldn't see. The absence of light disoriented her. Feeling around, Kari had two feet on either side, she stood at the base of wherever she was, and she couldn't touch anything above her head. And the door, an arms length in front of her body, was locked.

Daily Writing Prompt 232

Baskets containing fruits and vegetables lined the bed of the truck. After two summer weeks locked in the barn, the smell of rot and swarms of flies filled the dusty gloom. The sheriff wondered: Why did Brown load his truck for market and fail to make the delivery?