31 Writing Prompts: Serve

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31 Writing Prompts: Serve

“I can imagine a no more rewarding career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worth while, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: ‘I served in the United States Navy.'” John F. Kennedy

Kennedy, as many others before and since, have answered that relentless—and sometimes unrewarded—call to serve. My husband numbers among them, spending over twenty-four years in the United States Navy.

If asked why he dedicated so much of his life serving his country, Michael often comments about the adventure or shares stories of his deployments. But, his draw to serve goes deeper or he would have separated from the Navy after his initial enlistment.

The Navy’s Core Values are honor, courage, and commitment: A reflection of the necessary traits in those who pour their talents and energy into a principle larger than themselves—an admirable, innate devotion and responsibility to the world at large, born to a small portion of the population.

Serving in the Navy is part of who Michael is, as essential to his being as DNA. And is why, when thanked for his service, he feels awkward replying “you’re welcome.”

In many ways, it’s thanking him for being himself.

For those who have served and continue to provide service to our country, I salute you. May your lives be filled with fair winds and following seas.

    31 Writing Prompts: Serve

  • Serve in the military, Peace Corps, jury, etc.
  • Sister Katherine spent hours each day polishing the chapel pews; her quiet, patient way of paying service to her God.
  • Serve the ball; holds serve
  • Yeah, I did my time. I served two years for nicking a handful of candy bars.
  • Instead of serving my food, the waiter dumped it in my lap. Here’s what I said to him:
  • The ceramic duck will serve as a paperweight.
  • How may I serve you?
  • Sgt Williams didn’t mind the late hours or the long shifts. The idea of “protect and serve” had been drilled into him since birth.
  • Serve as a witness, crew member, apprentice
  • Lord Craft served his Queen in the most interesting of ways.
  • Serve as the company’s CEO, spokesperson, etc.
  • Will this __________ serve to fulfill your request?
  • Serve with court documents
  • Jamie road a fine line: He often had to choose between his wife and his mother. He’d heard you couldn’t serve two masters. God, wasn’t that the truth.
  • The recipe serves two main course portions.
  • Serve on a committee
  • As goddess of all parties and duchess of all things fun, LoriLynn served as the driving force behind every local event for the past twenty years. Here’s what happened the one stinking time she couldn’t.
  • A complimentary dessert is served with every meal.
  • Serve my purpose
  • The third time my mother pinched me—hard enough to make my eyes water—she hit me with her favorite, “Serves you right for sassing me.” Not sure which hurt worse.
  • Serve notice of eviction, resignation, etc.
  • There’s nothing like lazy summer days, long tan legs, and a soft serve ice cream.
  • Serve _____ on a silver platter
  • The power station serves our entire community.
  • Four weeks after the wreck, Michelle’s scarf was still wrapped around the tree. The town council voted to leave it there to serve as a warning…
  • In order to better serve the members
  • In the service of others
  • Rootin’ Tootin’ is the premier towing service in Latimer County.
  • I’ll be late to work tomorrow, I have to get my car serviced.
  • Self-service checkout lanes at the grocery store aren’t as convenient as one would imagine.
  • The service received at Shanky’s Hotel was a shock to the system. Their top-of-the-line service included clean(ish) towels, running water, and ten free frames at Bowl-a-Rama next door.

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