Story Starters: Neighborhood

Story Starters: Neighborhood

This Week’s Story Starters: Neighborhood

  • What made you choose to move to this neighborhood?
  • If you were a real estate agent or travel agent, what words would you use to describe the reasons to visit your area?
  • When you walk around your street, who do you wave at or what do you see that makes you smile?
  • Who has a yard that you admire or always throws the best parties?
  • What does your neighborhood do together?
  • How do you welcome new families?
  • Where do you like to take your children, go for a walk, or spend a quiet moment?
  • How has your neighborhood changed over the years or what plans are there for improvements?
  • What are your favorite parts about living there?
  • What changes happen through each season?
  • What recreational facilities does your neighborhood have?
  • What are the local restaurants, shops, and galleries?
  • What areas are good for walking, biking, picnicking, or outdoor fun?
  • What contests or parties does your neighborhood host?
  • What holiday traditions does your neighborhood have?
  • How long have you lived there?
  • What gives you and your neighbors’ yards curb appeal?
  • What friendships or connections have you made in your neighborhood?
  • How many people live in your neighborhood? What are the demographics?
  • What do you and your neighbors do when someone suffers a loss?
  • How big are the yards and what do people put in them?
  • Who are the community leaders?
  • How are community-wide decisions made?
  • What contributions has your neighborhood made to your town?
  • What do the residents do to make others feel welcome?
  • Whose door do you knock on for a cup of sugar or to borrow a tool?
  • How does the neighborhood communicate with the residents?
  • What changes would you like to see in your area? What can you and your neighbors do to make those changes happen?
  • What is the history of your neighborhood (i.e. developer, builder, year established, the original property owner was this person and used the land for this purpose)?
  • What do you and your neighbors do when someone suffers a loss?

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