Story Starters: Connections

Story Starters: Connections

This Week’s Story Starters: Connections

  • What is your friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend connection to someone famous?
  • How far back can you trace your family tree?
  • Where do your relatives live (states and countries)?
  • Where do your friends live (states and countries)?
  • What connection do you have to someone in politics?
  • What funny story do you have about meeting someone on a blind date/online only to find out you already know them?
  • Where do your online friends reside? Have you ever met in person? How often do you chat or get together?
  • What history does your family have with the same university, fraternity, or branch of the military?
  • Who is the oddest connection that helped you with an opportunity or that you helped with an opportunity (i.e. your dad’s roommate from college)?
  • How do you stay connected with your friends from high school, college, or your first job?
  • What connections have you made through LinkedIn or another professional networking website or organization?
  • Who is the connection between you and meeting your significant other?
  • What role does social networking play in your life? How often do you use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites?
  • What connections have you made through your blog, website, or online gallery?
  • How are your business and social life interconnected?
  • What types of devices keep you connected to the digital world?
  • What are the craziest airlines connections you have had to make to complete a trip?
  • How do you use your connections to complete a project?
  • How does the connection between your productivity at work affect your happiness at home?
  • How do you stay connected with your significant other during times apart (i.e. business trips, military deployments)?
  • What connections have you developed with coworkers that are now friends?

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