Goodbye: My last conversation with my dear friend, Valerie Randall

Goodbyes are tricky things.

Adios amigos. Happy trials. So long. Farewell. Until we meet again.

They get even trickier when the goodbye is forever.

I never had the chance to say “goodbye” to my dear friend Valerie Randall.

The last time we spoke, about a week before she passed, she was so happy.

I hold that knowledge deep in my heart: She was happy and doing what she loved.

After sharing all her plans and projects, and laughs in between, our conversation ended when my internet crashed in bad weather. Our last words shared were snarky comments about my puppy, his contribution to the carpet, and my planned retribution. We were laughing again when we were cut off.

A moment of joy was our final connection. Goodbye has nothing on that.

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