Call Me

Call Me: Valerie's note & how I treasure it

Not really sure how it happened, but somehow during my time at Scrap Girls, I was branded a troublemaker.

In her role as Art Director, Valerie Randall was in charge of notifying me of my sins and possible redemption. After several such incidents, it became easier for Valerie—the master of two-fingered typing—to deliver the news over the phone.

Her emails went from novellas to “call me.” So I did.

Eventually these chats solidified our friendship and her short-but-sweet orders became a joke between us.

At the 2009 Scrap Girls convention, when most folks were sending little messages of love and laughter, V sent me one, and I saw those familiar words: Call Me NOW.

Now her clever note holds a place of honor in my studio; it reminds me of being a little bit naughty and having a whole lot of fun.

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