11 Things I Love About Me


I love my curious mind

I’m a puzzle solver. From jigsaws to juggernauts, I have a talent for taking obscure facts and pieces and bringing them together into a cohesive whole.

I love that I am adaptable

I like learning and trying new things. I am good at rolling with whatever The Universe throws my way.

I love my hair

My friend Brandie calls my hair unruly and she is right. My curly hair is a walking barometer, a rebellious child, an untamed soul. Some days it is naughty, others nice. Its ornery nature suits me just fine.

I love that I am resilient

If I fall down, I dust myself off and tackle the mountain again. Sometimes, again and again.

I love my sense of humor

I laugh, crack jokes, and throw out the occasional zinger. I don’t take myself too seriously. Seriously.

I love that I am neat

Okay, so I have a firm hold on the coattails of OCD. I’m not quite Monk, but I do love my order. To be honest, Monk is a second-cousin, the branch of the family where the hair isn’t so frizzy.

I love my quirks

I am irreverent, outspoken, and mischievous. I don’t like feet. I have come to the obvious conclusion my forehead creases are a sign of great genius generated from my wonder of the world and people around me.

I love that I am creative

I write, draw, imagine, dream, experiment, play, wonder, wish. Just don’t ask me to sing.

I love my super powers

I can see someone on TV or in movies and tell you what else they have been in—random connections of often minor players. I can create a tasty meal out of whatever is left in the fridge. I am a brainstorming goddess and am constantly churning out ideas.

I love that my life story is still being written

I embrace the changes, challenges, and successes that lie in my future. I love that I don’t know where my journey will lead me and continue to enjoy the ride.

I love that I am human

I make mistakes. I curse. I say the wrong things. I am irritated by empty toilet paper rolls. I hate high heels and despise spray tanning.

I am unique and adorable, somewhat loveable me.

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